Environmental Benefits

SOO Green provides necessary infrastructure to bring renewable energy to market with minimal impact to the environment. 

  • In order to avoid harming local resources, SOO Green Renewable Rail will bore under the Mississippi River, wetlands, rivers and other environmentally sensitive areas. SOO Green will use proven underground construction techniques, including conventional boring and horizontal directional drilling.
  • Underground transmission means no avian or bat fatalities due to collisions with above-ground wires or towers and no aesthetic impacts to landscape vistas.
  • Digging a trench in an existing transportation corridor reduces the need for tree clearing, which in turn protects species habitat.
  • SOO Green Renewable Rail provides new technology that allows for more wind energy to get to market. Some of the best wind resources in the world can be found in the Upper Midwest , and SOO Green brings that cheap renewable energy to eastern U.S. markets, enabling more wind energy to be harvested and delivered at a low, competitive cost.

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