Direct Connect Development Company

Direct Connect Development Company is the Minneapolis–based transmission development company responsible for advancing the SOO Green HVDC Link.  Direct Connect is pioneering a new model for transmission development that utilizes underground installation along existing transportation corridors, providing unmatched reliability and resiliency benefits. This enables future development and delivery of untapped high-quality renewable energy generation to new customers. Direct Connect is building “Transmission 2.0” – the energy grid of the future while significantly avoiding environmental, visual and land use impacts.

The Direct Connect team possesses over 150 years of power generation and electric transmission development experience. Direct Connect’s team has collectively developed more than $10 billion of renewable energy projects in the United States and is headed by Trey Ward, an HVDC development visionary. The Direct Connect team includes experts in all aspects of power generation and transmission development with background and experience in law, engineering, electricity markets, real estate, environmental issues, and energy regulation.

The SOO Green HVDC Link will drive $2.5 billion in direct investment and create thousands of construction, operations, and maintenance jobs, and spur additional economic activity throughout the Midwest. The project is financially backed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Siemens Energy, PPL Corporation, and Jingoli Power, and includes exclusive strategic partnerships with Canadian Pacific and OmniTRAX railways.